Why I blog

No one I know is a blogger. Some people I know think blogging is a waste of time. What do I, an expert at nothing in particular, have to contribute? And heck, I’m not a bona fide writer either. I’m a visual person, a graphic designer with a full-time job and a ninety-minute commute to and from work. I definitely don’t have time to blog.

Yet I am blogging anyways. Why?

I’ve struggled with this question for awhile. Then one day I came across a passage in Alan Webber’s book, Rules of Thumb: How to stay productive and inspired even in the most turbulent times.

The author writes:

Context is how we all add value. But how do you develop the practice to know what you know, to see how you see the world? The answer is that context comes to those who develop their way of seeing and making sense of the world. It comes to those who build their confidence and competence for expressing it.

This is the answer to my question.

So if you are discouraged or feeling silly about blogging—or creating art, it may be because you believe you aren’t creating great content right now. But know that you are cultivating context, both for yourself and others.


2 thoughts on “Why I blog

  1. I love this excerpt! It says so much about being curious and thoughtful. I am definitely going to check out this book and use this quote in my reading classes. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Glad you liked! Thank you for reading! It’s an easy-to-read, smart book. I like to revisit it for ideas, but that quote clicked for me.

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