On duty

Seagull perched on lifeguard call box


The Succulent Cafe (Photo Gallery)

Many thanks to a good friend of mine. She said I needed to stop by the Succulent Cafe in Oceanside, a seaside town forty-five minutes north of San Diego. And she was right.

It’s a cozy, quiet cafe tucked in an alleyway. And when you enter it, a beautiful haven of succulent plants greets you. The owner had decorated every wall with differing colors and sizes of them. Dappled light skips across pottery and sculptures nestled in greenery. The arrangements are inspiring. It’s the perfect place to grab a soothing latte and unburden an overwhelmed mind.

Good afternoon, Mr. Hummingbird

An Anna's Hummingbird sitting on a branch of a bamboo bush.
Mr. Hummingbird (he’s an Anna’s Hummingbird, I believe) sitting outside our window – shot with Nikon L840

Chirp, chirp, chirp.

A distinctive staccato chirp catches my attention. It’s late afternoon. I stop what I’m doing and go to the window to see the red-crowned Mr. Hummingbird, sitting on his favorite bamboo branch a few feet away.

Throughout the past two summers, Mr. Hummingbird has visited this branch to rest. I’ve come to anticipate his visits. When he doesn’t come by regularly, I often wonder if he’s okay or if he’s found a better resting branch. But then a few days later, I’ll hear his chirps. Sometimes, he’ll even have a lady friend sitting with him.

I look forward to seeing more of our little neighbor this summer.

Brooklyn Girl Eatery

Brooklyn Girl Eatery
Inside the Brooklyn Girl Eatery. This used to be the bakery section. They’ve recently converted this area to an oyster bar.

The Brooklyn Girl Eatery is a trendy gathering place in the area of Mission Hills. The retro decor and cheeky humor reflect the New York borough. And notice the wooden school chairs with “PS16” sprayed on the backs.

I took this photo awhile back. Unfortunately, you won’t see the bakery section there anymore. They’ve converted it to an oyster bar, which looks different. Fortunately for me, I like oyster bars, too.