Good afternoon, Mr. Hummingbird

An Anna's Hummingbird sitting on a branch of a bamboo bush.
Mr. Hummingbird (he’s an Anna’s Hummingbird, I believe) sitting outside our window – shot with Nikon L840

Chirp, chirp, chirp.

A distinctive staccato chirp catches my attention. It’s late afternoon. I stop what I’m doing and go to the window to see the red-crowned Mr. Hummingbird, sitting on his favorite bamboo branch a few feet away.

Throughout the past two summers, Mr. Hummingbird has visited this branch to rest. I’ve come to anticipate his visits. When he doesn’t come by regularly, I often wonder if he’s okay or if he’s found a better resting branch. But then a few days later, I’ll hear his chirps. Sometimes, he’ll even have a lady friend sitting with him.

I look forward to seeing more of our little neighbor this summer.