Artichoke bloom

close-up photo of flowering artichokeI was at the county fair a few weeks back and didn’t have many interesting photos. My camera’s slow lens didn’t work well with the fast-paced crowds and evening lights, so a lot were blurry or underexposed. The rest were typical fair shots. But I did like the colors of this flowering artichoke, part of the farming exhibit.



10 thoughts on “Artichoke bloom

  1. Absolutely love this one. I think it’s a wonderful shot that intermediately caught my attention 🙂 Love the colours and the composition

  2. Hi Serena! Thanks for reading and liking a couple of my blog posts 🙂 I enjoy looking at photographs and seeing if I see what caught the artist’s eye. I like what you’ve posted here. I hope you’ll find something useful in my future posts.

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