Midday at the cove

Black and white photo of man standing near edge of beach cliff
Curious man on edge of beach cliff
Black and white photo of two boys standing waist-high in the ocean water waiting for a wave
Two boys waiting for a big wave

Yesterday, I went to La Jolla Cove hoping that the gray overcast would break and I could finally shoot something. It did finally break at noon, but the light was a bit harsh. Out of a bunch of shots, these two were the only ones I liked.

These are cropped images from larger shots, so they are a bit grainy. But the compositions are much better than the originals. For instance, the man on the cliff was standing with a lot of other people to the left of him, but standing alone, he makes this composition work. And the picture with the two boys actually had three boys, but the composition didn’t work with how the third boy was positioned, so I cropped him out.

With the June Gloom creeping into July, there isn’t much sunlight around. So I’m thinking about playing with indoor photography, photographic collages, or photo composites. Maybe I ‘ll have better results. Stay tuned.


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