Taking A Closer Look (photo gallery)

I had lunch with a friend in Balboa Park a couple of days ago. Afterward, I challenged myself to take photos of the park that were different from the typical photos I’ve taken before.

I tried to shoot things that most people would easily miss on their first visit. Little building details, hidden corners, and unusual views. Here are a few of those shots.

What surprised me most was finding the bare-breasted ladies underneath the eaves of the Museum of Photographic Arts. I’ve gone there many times and never noticed these figures. You have to look up to see them. There were more than three, but I liked the symmetry of having just three.


3 thoughts on “Taking A Closer Look (photo gallery)

  1. I love the starkness and the shadows a black and white photo displays (if taken by a photographer with a keen eye – and you do have a keen eye,) I used to take black and whites when I was a combat photographer and I developed them in a dark room where I could crop and adjust for lights and shadows and such. But now, I am lazy and just aim my iPad and shoot. Then I become creative and App my pics, pretending to be an artist. Your photographs have a wonderful symmetry .

    1. Hi, Claremary! A combat photographer?! That sounds exciting (even though you play it down)! Thanks for your comment. I think I gravitate to B&W because of the contrast. Like you I developed B&W’s in the darkroom, back in college. I do miss the darkroom (but not the chemicals).

      1. Sometimes I wonder about the damage done, closed in with all that smelly stuff??? I actually wrote about my army experience in a Post last week “I Want My Blog To Look Like your Blog When It Grows Up”. I wish I could have found some of my old pics to illustrate the post, but I had to rely on word pictures. Take care and keep shootin’

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