Black and white photo of my Siamese cat

This is our cat Frank, doing what he does best. He is named after Frank Sinatra because they both have blue eyes. I remember a friend of mine laughed when I told her his name. But, you know, it really does suit him. He really is a Frank.

I just finished the WordPress Blogging 101 course. It was a really good learning experience (I highly recommend it for beginners). But now I’m a little off balance. The daily schedule of the blogging course was a different pace from my weekly posting schedule. And a few things happened at work and at home last week. Nothing crazy. Just life. Changing, as usual. So I’m looking forward to getting back into my flow.


8 thoughts on “Frank

  1. Frank is quite handsome. I had 2 cats, George & Gracie ( both girls, though). I know what you mean about getting back into it. I decided to write about my latest cat, Roxie, for my first blog post away from the security of the 101class. I did use some of the lessons, though and was able to actually add in a YouTube video! Of a cat, of course! Have a great day. Clare

    1. Frank says “Thank You!” Funny how writing about family members–including four-legged ones–is a comforting subject. I checked out your post! Made me smile…the familiarity of cat willfulness. Will comment there…Hope you are having a great day as well!

  2. I listened to Frank Sinatra just yesterday 🙂 nice to meet you, Frank.
    It was nice to be together on the Blogging101 course. Still haven’t worked my way through all the tasks so it’s cool that you have kept the schedule. Anyways even if you’re going to post only weekly again I will be still looking forward to your beautiful photographs 🙂
    I found a very nice photography blog post recently, what do you think ->

    1. Frank says “Hellooooo!”

      Yes, I enjoyed meeting you during the course. Hope you can continue posting your creative ideas while in school later.

      I’m still finishing a couple of tweaks from the last week’s assignments myself.

      Thanks for the photography link! The images are stunning!
      I’ll see you in the blogosphere 🙂

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