Inspiration: Photographer Giles Penfound

(Via Lynda Kuit’s Photography blog)

Yesterday I was looking for inspiration through the tag storytelling, and I came across Lynda Kuit’s Photography blog. She had posted a video about a British documentary photographer, Giles Penfound. The 27-minute video is poignant and inspiring. The photographer himself tells you the stories behind his work. It’s like listening to a grandfather beautifully recounting the emotional events of his life.

 Lynda is a photography student in Canada. Her blog is a fascinating look at the required documentation for her studies and at her progress as a photography student. If you are learning photography (like me), then stop by and say hello.


4 thoughts on “Inspiration: Photographer Giles Penfound

  1. Thanks! I agree with you. I had to watch twice myself. I’ve never heard of him, but I’m guessing that a lot of documentary/combat photographers don’t have the name recognition other photographers do.

  2. Thank you Serena. I’ve copied the link to your page on my camera club’s (Photo Venture Camera Club) on Facebook.

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