Clouds in the mirror

High-rise building reflecting clouds
High-rise building reflecting clouds – shot with iPhone

Southern California skies are usually cloudless. But yesterday, a summer shower came through and left a trail of clouds.

During a drive to an appointment, I passed by an unfinished glass high-rise that was reflecting the clouds, and it caught my attention.

I parked by a curb and grabbed my Nikon L840 next to me. I took about ten shots. As I got back into my parked car, I quickly scanned through the shots. They didn’t look that great. The clouds didn’t look that interesting in the composition. Disappointed and running late, I had to leave. And as I turned my car around and waited at an intersection, I could see the building, in front of me, with the clouds now dancing around the glass!

Arg!! I grabbed my iPhone and quickly got two shots while the light was red. This is one of the shots. The image is cropped about 40%, and it’s not high-quality, but I’m okay with that.


13 thoughts on “Clouds in the mirror

  1. Love this! It has a very ethereal quality — can’t believe you got it so quickly on an iPhone!

    1. Thank you! I think the black of the unfinished part helped. Should be interesting when they finish the building. Since it faces west, I might try to see if the building catches a sunset the next time I drive by there.

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