Inspiration: Marty Knapp


After watching this video, I was inspired.

Marty Knapp started photographing seriously later in life. I can relate to that. And I share the belief with him that black and white photography is a way to pay attention to what is there in front of you.

By removing the color, something happens. We start paying attention to the lines, the shapes, the texture of things.
– Marty Knapp

When I started this blog in April, I had an entirely different vision for the content. I planned to post mostly artwork and some photography. Now, I think the shutterbug has bitten me.


4 thoughts on “Inspiration: Marty Knapp

  1. I love the way he captures the light and the shadows in his black and whites! I find his quote to be true too… you do start paying attention to the lines and textures. Fabulous! And I’m excited to see what you come up with!!

    1. He does beautiful work, doesn’t he? I’m inspired to practice more now. I need to add his info to the post tonight. His website shows his work and blog.

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