Inspiration: Jake Weidman

(Via Kinley Bennett via Uproxx’s post)

When I was in grade school, good penmanship was still a requirement for students. Why? Because a writer wants the reader (especially the teacher) to understand the message.

Today, no one really gives a thought to penmanship. Even everyday writing with a pen is uncommon with younger people, who grew up with keyboards. Many of my peers say that their own writing is terrible. I can vouch for a few of them; I can’t read a word of their writing. But I’m also guilty of this. My cursive writing sadly reflects unused hand muscles.

So I’m happy that there are people like Jake Weidman. He not only achieved great penmanship, but also creates beautiful calligraphic pieces of art. In today’s fast-paced world, craftsmanship is something to relish. In this 5-minute video, you’ll once again appreciate the beauty of great penmanship.

Thanks to my friend Kinley Bennett—an art director, stylist, and pottery-maker (she likes to get her hands dirty)—for sharing this video.


6 thoughts on “Inspiration: Jake Weidman

    1. It’s tough to convince kids today to have good penmanship, but I think Jake makes a good point that we need to use our hands more to create stronger connections with our brains. The biggest hurdle is time.

  1. Hello, I’m not sure anymore if I have seen this part in another video but his wife mentions that she was unaware of how much time it takes to create a piece. He must have really spent his whole life dedicated to beautiful writing. I understand all your points about how we lose our handwriting abilities and don’t focus on them anymore (I actually did have Schönschreib aka beautiful handwriting classes during middle school). However, I also wonder how important it really is to write beautifully as long it is legible. Thank you for this post and the discussions 🙂

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