Quiet Canyon

black and white photo of a valley
Hiking among the wildflowers in a quiet canyon

Here is a quiet place, but you wouldn’t guess that I was with hundreds of visitors from all over the world. As I hiked through Zion Park with my friend, I was struck by the numbers of people, young and old, standing in awe before canyons, waterfalls and meadows. Yes, we all need nature.

I live in the city, and I enjoy city life. I work mostly indoors, and I sit a lot. But I need to remember to break my routine and connect with nature.

Everything about my biology requires it. I need sunlight for good health, fresh air for oxygen, open spaces for my eyes to work well, variable terrain for an agile body, a changing environment to challenge my brain.

Sometimes, modern life makes me forget that I’m human. But no matter what, I will always be beholden to nature.

UPDATE 10/20/15: I added a sepia-toned version of the above photo. After many tries, this was the technique that worked for me. In Photoshop, I just added a Photo Filter Adjustment Layer, chose the Sepia filter option (color slider at 100%), and changed the Layer option to Soft Light (Opacity slider at 100%). You can also use Overlay if you wish. Thanks to John for challenging me. (NOTE: I’ve noticed that I get better results in the shadows, if I clip the heaviest blacks.)

Quiet Valley (sepia)




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      1. Most people over do their tones or tints… I think just a slight hint of a colored tone looks best…. if you fill a new layer with your tint or tone color above your base image, change the blend mode to “color”, and play around with the opacity of that layer, you will have a lot of control of the toning/tinting effect.
        Just saying ’cause this is what I have been playing around with this week and thought I would pass it along… JP

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