Boy and Plane


This past week, my husband and I vacationed in Tacoma, Washington to celebrate his birthday and to enjoy some cooler weather. The rain gods were kind enough to take their own vacation, for we arrived after a rainstorm and had beautiful sunny days during our whole trip.

The challenge of photographing while vacationing with a spouse is balancing the need to enjoy the moment with the need to spend lots of time taking dozens of pictures of the same thing without upsetting said spouse. So I’ve learned over the past few months to only take enough shots before my husband gets impatient, which means I don’t have much to share with you. But I can tell you about the interesting places we visited.

One of those places is the Museum of Flight in Seattle. It’s a short drive south of the Seattle airport. When you arrive, you start on the outside where there is both a vintage Air Force One and a Concorde that you can walk through. Next, you go into the museum and enter a large glass hall filled with aircraft from different eras. Off to the side is the relocated and refurbished red barn that housed the original Boeing Company. You can walk through it and learn about the history of the company William Boeing founded. Other areas of the museum cover space aircraft and personal aircraft. And there are lots of flight simulators throughout the museum. Finally, there’s an air traffic control tower exhibit that you can experience.

If you enjoy planes or history, I highly recommend. And lastly, the docents are mostly ex-pilots and ex-military personnel, and they love telling you stories and answering questions.

I’ll be posting a few more photos from our trip over the next few days.


9 thoughts on “Boy and Plane

    1. Oh, Sherry Lynn, I just realized…the time your father served…it’s been some time ago.

      Have you ever been to the USS Midway Museum in San Diego? It’s on an aircraft carrier. Lots of planes to see up close!

    1. Hi, Clare! Cool! If you can make it to the car museum, it’s fun, too. It’s a half hour or so drive away. (Post to come.) Hope you are doing great. You sound very busy these days with your writing!

      1. I’ll be looking for the post. Yes, it’s a busy time of year and then it will quiet down until springtime. I’m trying to fit in writing the mystery, but end up waking at 4AM and writing a chapter every other day. It’s going slowly. But today I read to the greatest 1st grade class ever! They were so much fun and couldn’t get enough of the ZuZu stories. I promised I would return for reading week in the springtime. So, right now I’m caught between marketing the old book and writing the new! With bright spots in between. Take care

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