This Old Horse

Photo of a 1912 IHC High Wheeler Model A, taken at the America’s Car Museum in Tacoma,WA.

Stuck In A Rut

I haven’t been posting because I’ve been in sort of a rut the past couple of weeks. Usually, I can snap out of it, but this time it’s taking me a little longer.

Part of it is because I’m trying to find my creative way. What do I want to share creatively? What do I want to make? What gives me joy? The other part is that I have a tendency to let everyday practical matters take over the hours of my day.

The TV producer and writer, Shonda Rhimes gave a Ted Talk that was posted recently. She has a name for when you are creatively flowing. She calls it “the hum,” and in her talk, she speaks about the time she lost the hum. Until her kids reminded her how to get “the hum” back.

You need to remember to play.

So I need to remind myself: thinking and strategizing is not play; cleaning the house and running errands is not play; skill-building is not play; research is not play. Exploration is play. Imagination is play. Engagement is play. Novelty is play.

Please excuse me while I go outside and play.




Merchants Cafe, Seattle


Just cleaning up my archive and saw this photo from last fall. This image is, in reality, really colorful, but I’m going to work on it as a painting or poster graphic and post at a later time. But I really do love the vintage feel of the building in black and white.