Sepia-toned image of nebulous shadows of what looks like plants
An interplay of shadows

This is not what it seems.

I was walking along a sidewalk at night and noticed the shadows created by the street lamps and landscape lights. If you tilt your head to your left, you’ll see what I saw at my feet.

But when I rotated it, it felt like a mysterious scene.


4 thoughts on “Apparition

  1. As street lights are getting swapped out for LED lamps, the shadows are multiplying! One large light source is replaced by a dozen tiny sources. Quite lovely in some instances, slightly disturbing in others 🙂

    1. Hi, David. Hmm, you are right. Hadn’t thought about the trends in lighting affecting my surroundings. I definitely notice more environmental cast shadows available for my shooting pleasure. But you do get weird looks from people who think you are just shooting blank ground or walls 🙂

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