Two from Safari Park

Flamingo island
Mama warthog
The San Diego Zoo has a sister park, about 30 miles north, called Safari Park. It is where the zoo conducts conservation programs. Safari Park also offers several ways to experience its grounds. You can just walk around the park or take the tram, and see the animals as you would in a traditional zoo. Or you can take a truck ride into the main space and see some of the animals up close and personal. Or you can stay overnight in tents within the park and enjoy your evening meals while listening to animal specialists. All of these experiences are to help educate people about the animals and the importance of conservation, especially of endangered species.

The San Diego Zoo is lush and tropical
One of the perks of becoming a member of the San Diego Zoo is that you automatically are a member of the Safari Park, too. I enjoy visiting both.

The Zoo feels more like a tropical place with lush landscapes, lots of trees, and winding paths.

The Safari Park is hot and dry
The Park feels like a dry African desert. Getting to the Park is harder because it’s located in a more remote part of San Diego county in order to accommodate the huge open savanna-like area in the back of the park. That is where several animal species live together as they would in Africa or Asia. And several other smaller animal exhibits dot the rest of the park.

Both places are great for exploring. And I must say, the San Diego Zoo/Safari Park has done a great job in creating more natural spaces for animals over the years. Gone are the small, boring, plastered enclosures. Thank goodness! For the animals and the visitors.


TBT: Springdale Sunset

I shot this sunset last year at lovely Springdale, a town next to Zion National Park.

Since I just cleaned out a few folders this morning, I thought I’d post a Throwback Thursday image. Have a wonderful Thursday!


keyboard-wpIt’s been four months since my last post. It wasn’t my intention to be away. However, work became very busy, my summer commute time increased, and a handful of family events happened. So I had time for little else.

That really depressed me. I felt much more engaged and upbeat when I was shooting photos, or playing with Photoshop, or experimenting with graphics.

In addition, earlier in the year, I noticed that I was moving my attention away from my original intent of this blog. I started to listen to what others were saying I should do: post often, watch your flow of traffic, pay attention to your headlines, don’t forget about SEO, engage with your visitors, post across social media sites. My focus moved away from content, and I became disengaged.

When my computer starts to act glitchy and is not working right, I reboot my system. Well, my blog is feeling a bit off-track, and I need to reboot. Here goes.