Siamang Photoshopped


This is a siamang.

I took this photo at the San Diego Zoo. It was hard to get a good image of this animal because it was far away from the visitor observation area, and it was shot midday.

The original shot I took is this:


As you can see, it is not great (and I had to crop into the subject). So I thought I’d use this image to practice my Photoshop. The high contrast shadows created from the midday sun made it ideal for knocking out the siamang from the busy background and creating a “studio” feel, as seen in the first photo.

Some people don’t like images that are photoshopped. I can understand why. They feel it’s not true. My thought is that photos are just representations, and you have to take into consideration the context of the photo. Are you trying to idealize your subject, trying to create an illusion? Or are you trying to tell the truth as you see it and experience it? Are you trying to make people experience beauty and joy? Or are you wanting to persuade people to act on an injustice?

I think a lot about imagemaking these days because of the influence of social media. Maybe that’s a subject for a later post. 🙂


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