Standing tall

Close-up photo of man stinging in bell tower at Balboa Park
California Tower at Balboa Park

San Diego’s Balboa Park is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. One of the fun things that you can do now is climb the California Tower of the Museum of Man.

Be forewarned: 1) You need to make reservations beforehand. You can do it in person or online. 2) You can only purchase the Tower Tour with a Museum of Man entrance fee. I tried to get in myself and that’s what I I found out. 3) Only attempt if you like to climb a lot of stairs. 4) Only the first viewing level is open. The other two are not. 5) The tour is 40 minutes long and you must be there 15 minutes early.

I think I’ll go when summer is over. Here is the link if you plan to go there or want to see the view: